The HypnoBirthing® course is a great investment that can be used not only for birth but also in various situations in the future.


The price of the course is 295 euros. This amount is for 2 people, so the mother together with her birth partner.

The course fee includes all necessary time and materials such as:

- A telephone introductory interview
- 5 weekly meetings
- The original HypnoBirthing® book The Mongan Method by Marie F. Mongan (in English)
- The original HypnoBirthing® CD "Rainbow Relaxation" (English)
- Course information handouts

Of course there will be coffee and tea and refreshments. The course is currently being given with a maximum of 2 or 3 couples.

It is also possible to have a private course at your own home. (Zutphen area) The private course costs 400 euro.
Depending on your health insurance policy, it is sometimes possible to get a part of the amount back from your healthinsurence. Ask your health care provider about this.

Do you want to register for the HypnoBirthing® course? Please contact me, preferably via email, and let me know which course date you would like to start. The registrations are handled in order. At the moment there is only room for 2 or 3 couples per group. In your e-mail you will receive a registration form and invoice for the course. You must transfer this course fee within one week of receipt. Only when the registration form and payment have been received are you sure of a place in the course. Did you not receive an email? Then see if it has not ended up in your spam box and / or contact me by telephone.
Do you want a private course at your home? Then let us know where you live and what a suitable date / time is for you. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to follow all lessons with your birthcompanion?
Yes, the HypnoBirthing® course is especially meant for you and your birth companion. This is precisely what makes the course so unique. A birth companion can be your partner or someone else who will be present during your birth. You learn the real teamwork and the birth companion plays a major role. (think for example of the massage techniques for the production of endorphins). A birth companion is a person who is close to you and who is present at the birth of your baby. Usually this is the mother's partner but this can also be your mother or a friend. It is very important to get full support from the partner or a birth companion. It is important that he or she can fully support the mother with the right knowledge. So it is nice that you both know your birth preferences, make the birth plan and do exercises. It is also useful to know how you can support and help the mother to relax deeply, but practical matters are also discussed.


In what period can I start the course?
 If you wish you can start the HypnoBirthing® course right from the start of your pregnancy. You feel best when you are ready for this. Between 16 and 20 weeks of pregnancy is a good time to start because from that moment you can feel the new growing life within you. You then still have plenty of time to practice. It is however no problem to attent later in your pregnancy, because you made the decision to want to follow a course at a later moment. It is nice to have completed the course for 37 weeks so that you have enough time to practice and research your preferences.

If you find out in a very late stage in pregnancy that you would like to follow the HypnoBirthing course, you can choose a private course. which I can, spread over a few days or weeks to you instead of 5 weeks.


My partner does not want to go to the course, can I also follow it alone?
The course is especially meant for you and your birth companion. Preparing for birth is the first step towards the responsibility that you bear for your child and for each other. Your child already exists, you are already parents! Realize that cooperation during childbirth, but also in parenthood is very important. You have that responsibility together. I recommend that the partner is included in the first course date.


Can you also use HypnoBirthing® if your birth becomes medical?
Yes, in the course you will learn many tools that can help you get a good experience in every situation. It also helps you prepare yourself well and provide you with information so that you have sufficient knowledge and control in almost every situation. This can therefore certainly be used by, for example, a possible induction or caesarean section if it is decided that the birth cannot be continued in a natural way. Here an example of a woman who used her knowledge from the Hypnobirthing® program while having a caesarean section.