Giving birth in a birthpool/Birthbath

A water birth is an ancient method of giving birth to a child.  Many women choose to give birth in a bath because of a number of advantages over a dry birth. The water makes women feel supported and they can more easily handle the contractions. In water it takes no effort to take different positions because the water makes you almost weightless. A bath is also an ideal way to relax your body and muscles in the warm water. Giving birth in water has many positive influences for women but also for the child.


There is an option to rent a delivery bath from me. You can choose to rent it for 4, 5 or 6 weeks.

You usually rent the bath from the beginning of 37 weeks to 42 weeks (6 weeks)
Rent a delivery bath for 5 weeks: 75 euro
Rent a delivery bath for 6 weeks: 85 euro
When renting the delivery bath it is necessary to bring a personal Hygienic bath cover. You get this from me and costs 30 Euro.
If you have not used the bath, you can return the cover (unused) and you will receive the amount of 30 euro back.


Benefits of giving birth in water

When giving birth to a baby, after the journey through the birth canal, the baby can gradually recuperate in the warm water and immediately get to know his mother through skin on skin contact before coming into contact with the cold air. It often happens that some children, due to the soft landing, do not yet fully realize that they have already entered the wide world.

A warm bath is the ideal way to relax. You can easily assume any position in water and move or rock gently. Because your body relaxes optimally, this also improves the oxygen supply for the baby during delivery. This makes your body produce endorphins, a natural pain reliever.
Because you are carried by the water, it is easier to adopt a vertical, favorable position for the expulsion phase.
The opening-up phase is usually quicker because the body and thus the cervix is ​​relaxed.
The final phase usually happens more gradually in the water. This allows the vagina and perineum to be slowly stretched and the chance of tearing or a 'cut' is smaller. The skin also becomes smoother because of the water.
The warm water is soothing for the mind. This makes the warm water a very nice  and natural way to relax. Women are able to tolerate contractions better in the warm water and suffer less from fatigue.


“All natural birth has a purpose and a plan; who would think of tearing open the chrysalis as the butterfly is emerging? Who would break the shell to pull the chick out?” — Marie Mongan